• Noah Khogali

Kamala The Dictatorial Liberal

Kamala Harris’ nomination as the Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate was unsurprising.

Biden had long promised that his VP pick would be a woman, and with his declining support amongst the BAME population due, in part, to a multitude of mildly racist gaffes whilst campaigning, and female support dropping due to his multitude of sexual assault allegations, it made perfect electoral sense that he would choose a mixed race woman - if only to try and paper over the cracks in his own character.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, beyond her gender and ethnicity, Harris appears an appalling choice for VP. She is the very definition of the illiberal liberal that has plagued the left of US politics for years and that was largely to blame for the result of the 2016 election. Harris is the manifestation of everything wrong with the pseudo-liberal left - she has clearly demonstrated that her thirst for power comes far ahead of her basic principles and her record as a DA in California is dangerously authoritarian. A pseudo-liberal that loathes freedom.

Principles are seemingly few and far between when it comes to US elections, Trump is an ex-Democrat and Biden a friend of segregationists, but Kamala Harris comes out far worse. Mere months ago she launched an all out affront on the basic tenets of Biden’s character - calling on the public to judge him on his relationship with segregationists and his opposition to bussing, all whilst publicly backing his sexual assault accusers. Yet, today, she is delighted to share a ticket with a man she publicly suggested was a racist and sexual criminal. She has either had a very rapid change of heart about some very serious accusations, or she simply saw a route to power and left her principles by the wayside. Neither is a particularly positive character trait in a potential President in waiting.

Harris’s time as DA in California is even more concerning. Time and time again, she overstretched the arm of the law with glee and exuberance. The classic case of the modern liberal with a concerning adoration for authoritarianism and hypocrisy. During the course of the Democrat primaries, Harris joked about using Marijuana when in college, despite imprisoning over 1,500 people in prison throughout her time as DA for that very same offence. Unsurprisingly, her policy proposal in the primary this year was the legalisation of Marijuana at a federal level, yet another example of her distinct lack of principles as she maps out her route to the Oval.

As DA, Harris proved beyond doubt that, such is her lust for power, that she will overextend the arm of the law at any opportunity she can. In 2010, she cackled on stage about jailing parents if their children failed to turn up to school, even giving an example of sending an attorney to “look really mean” and intimidate a homeless woman whose child had missed school so that she would “take the threat of jail seriously”. Harris seemed wholly oblivious to the socio-economic factors at play, demonstrating a distinct lack of humanity. Those from disadvantaged families are disproportionately truant due to their socio-economic environment and anyone with even a semblance of morality and logic can clearly see that prison time of up to a year for parents would even further harm their socioeconomic status and create far more problems that it would solve.

Unfortunately, Harris’s despicable record as DA goes even deeper. In the quadruple homicide case of Kevin Cooper, Harris’s team (whom she has publicly taken full responsibility for) denied the court the ability to use advanced DNA testing, which may have proved Cooper’s innocence and instead left him to rot on death row. Harris and her team prevented a potentially innocent man from being exonerated, actively denying the courts the ability to use all of the evidence available and instead let him be sentenced to death for a crime he may not have committed.

In a similarly despicable vein, Harris’s team argued in court that non violent prisoners should not be eligible for parole after half their sentence, because it would harm the prison’s labour program. The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution outlawed slavery, with the exception of those in prison. Harris’s team seemed determined in her time as DA to make use of this loophole and sought to keep prison populations high as a result of the cheap labour it provided. In a year in which the unfortunate reality of slavery is being scrutinized more than for decades before, a VP candidate with a record like Harris’s is particularly repugnant - especially with the fact that her father has bragged about their family’s slaver owner roots (something that would undeniably be a killing blow for anyone else’s candidacy).

Kamala Harris is neither a liberal or a conservative, she seems to be whatever will grease her route to power. Despite her serious critique of Biden’s character, her morals were left at the wayside when offered a place on the ticket and her record as a DA in California is deeply troubling and alarmingly authoritarian. Whilst she ticks Biden’s boxes, she is a poor choice for a running mate and would be an incredibly dangerous VP.

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